Pierre is a Senior IC Design Engineer and he has been working in that role for more than 15 years. He has developed significant expertise in:

  • ´╗┐Developing the architecture of various module and devices.
  • Designing digital Transmitter/Receiver Controllers.
  • Creating various filters (FIR, LSL, Adaptive Filters, etc…).
  • Creating a DSP instruction decoder.
  • Designing various modems (low and high speed (VDSL)) and Echo Canceller’s devices.
  • Creating a power-up/power-down sequencer and controller for device with multiple voltages.
  • Handling the generation of asynchronous clocks and resets.
  • Re-architecting various modules specifically to reduce their power.
  • Leading design reviews.
  • Developing various state machines.
  • Providing design audit services for RTL code and architecture.

Pierre has also worked on analog design (he has designed an analog Phase Lock-Loop and various op-amps) and despite the fact that he is not an analog designer, this expertise allows him to understand the challenges of designing a mixed-mode device.