Pierre has always been concerned by the amount of power required by the modules he has designed. In the last 2 1/2 years, he has been involved in the design of an ultra-low power implantable medical device. In that role, he has worked, as never before, to deeply optimize his design to reduce power. This work has allowed him to expand his skills and understanding of low power design challenges, including working with multiple power supply domains. Pierre has found power saving opportunities in modules already designed ranging from 5% up to 50%. He has even re-architect one module to reduce its power by 95%.

His expertise includes working with:

  • Low power architectures.
  • Clock gating (automatic and manual).
  • Impact of gating the address and data from the memories.
  • Frequency scaling.
  • Clock tree impact and challenges.
  • Multiple power supply domains, including isolation gates and level shifters.
  • Handling of power-up and power-down signals and domains needed to perform power-gating.
  • Generation and handling of asynchronous clocks and resets.